What’s Squeaky Wheel?

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” … being heard produces results

We are a client-centric, full-service boutique agency in Houston, Texas. Our simple goal is to help clients develop compelling branding, persuasive content, and effective marketing strategies to get them “heard” and produce results.

The marketplace is loud so how do you get heard?

We understand it’s challenging to run your business while still finding time to do marketing.  Contact us to see how we can help.

Robin… A Fervid Brander & Marketer

A seasoned marketer with 20 years of experience igniting brands, products, and services in the marketing place. A University of Texas in Austin McCombs School of Business MBA graduate, Robin has worked for prestigious CPG companies like Coca Cola North America and Kao Brands, and led and influenced iconic brands such as Simply Orange®, Jergens Moisturizers®, Coke Zero®, natural glow®, Minute Maid® and more.

In 2007 Robin started providing strategic consulting to small companies and professionals which sparked an appreciation and desire to help small business owners succeed.  Eventually she launched Squeaky Wheel Branding & Marketing in 2016, a full-service boutique marketing agency offering branding consulting, digital marketing, social media, videography, photography, graphic design, website development, traditional marketing, and more.

“I love helping small to midsize companies grow with great branding and marketing strategies, that too often is reserved for the deep-pockets of large companies or CPG powerhouses”. Robin’s experience and expertise has been poured into Squeaky Wheel Branding & Marketing, an agency built on timeless CPG branding and marketing fundamentals. 

“We strive to create compelling branding, smart marketing strategy, stand out design, and integrated marketing plans that deliver strong results for our clients.” - Robin

Our wheel spokes
sparkle & shine

A wheel is weak without strong, supporting spokes… and a team is no different. Our team is composed of talented professionals that collaborate to produce powerful branding and marketing solutions. We’re united with the goal of achieving great things for our clients. Here are a few of our talented crew…

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