Everyone knows “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”…so let’s make some noise!

We are a boutique agency so whether you need help standing out online, with new or existing branding, acquiring new customers or retaining the customers you have, we can help! We are a marketing focused, client-centric agency that wants to get you big results.

Smart targeting, compelling branding

The marketplace is loud so how do you get heard?

Strong online business listings and website SEO, compelling branding, an integrated marketing plan, and ongoing marketing management, are just a few critical ingredients for success. We understand it’s challenging to run your business and still effectively manage all your other business requirements…Squeaky Wheel Branding & Marketing is the end-to-end agency that works smart and effectively on your business to help you stand out and be heard.

Learn More About Our Approach

Our approach is methodical. We leverage an array of awareness, trial and loyalty vehicles to not only grow your customer base, but also, improve the average transaction value per customer, and increase the number customer transactions.

  • We gain an understanding of your business and collaborate with you to identify your target consumer, clarify your point of difference and strengths, and communicate them compellingly so you stand out from competition.
  • We craft a integrated marketing strategy and effective execute marketing tactics that get you heard in the marketplace, and found by consumers.
  • We analyze results so we can continuously refine and improve to optimize your return on investment.